Fun times. 

Fun times. 

Ruairi likes to eat table water crackers and cheese. The unbelievable true story.

Ruairí fell to Earth in 1978. Found on the streets by a kindly fortune teller after having been raised heretofore by wolves, she raised him some more as a circus trapeze artist. Upon discovering their evil plot for world domination, Ruairí fled, crying manly tears, and vowed to use his powers for good instead of evil. So he joined the Army, killing civilians in countries all over the world in the name of peace.

These Brutal slayings inspired in him his second greatest passion in life - working in advertising, which he’s been doing for some years now. In between genocide and directing tv ads with fluffy characters. (His greatest passion, by the way, is filmmaking, not brutally killing people. That’s just a hobby.) Ruairí's first animated short film was nominated for an Oscar. 

Ruairí is known as an incredibly serious and important genius, and wants you to know that not only was he nominated for an Oscar, in case he hadn't made that clear already, he would also like to remind you that he was nominated for an Oscar, as well as being an Oscar nominee, having been to the Oscars, because he was invited to, on account of being nominated for one. When he was at the Oscars, as an Oscar nominee, he had a great time. A much better time than when he got refused into that shitty nightclub in Dublin by some asshole bouncer who didn't know or care who he was, or just how damn important I am. I mean uhhhm... he is. 

Since his death in 2012, Ruairí has found success in the world of commercials and seance appearances.

He is currently working on several film projects in development. 



Ruairi is unavailable at this time for escorting services or public demonstrations of telekinetic superpowers.

If you want to contact him directly, he's happy to meet you for milk and cookies on the astral plane. Failing that, he can be reached by email at:
If you have a query that is legitimately work related, as in, you would like to pay him money for work, there are a plethora of options below for you to send him praise and money and supermodels.

But please do NOT contact the companies below for any reason other than work. And He can't read unsolicited scripts because he doesn't particularly want to be sued.

He is represented for commercials by

SPY Films in Canada

Henry De Czar in Paris


For film work he is represented by
42 in London